Welcome to Critters On The Map

embracing projects that build pride in Aberdeen

Walking tour of Aberdeen’s metal sculptures..whimsical, rare & endangered species ~ begin at the west end of the Wishkah Bridge ~


The Legend~ ~

In the fall of 1998 a group of local environmental activists met under the Wishkah River Bridge and created an organization dedicated to the preservation of the rare and endangered species of Grays Harbor.  The organization “Forgotten Remnants of Grays Harbor” (FROGH)  has been tireless in their efforts to document the conditions of these remarkable forgotten creatures.  The specimens found on display thoughout downtown Aberdeen are painstakingly recreated  life-like reproductions of  the actual  creatures.  FROGH hopes that these displays will help raise the community’s environmental awareness so that the rare and endangered species will never face extinction.

You can help.  Be a Spotter.  If you see any of the species, please notify a FROGH representative.  You are welcome to attend their quarterly meeting held in Zelasko Park at 5:38 p.m. on every fifth Friday.  Non-tax-deductible contributions may be made by placing coins atop any creature found on display.  A FROGH representative will pick them up periodically.